Sunday, March 18, 2012

A little less padding makes a fat girl happy!

Motivation from Pintrest!
Well Hello procrastination. I would be lying if I said "I just forgot" to update my blog, or "I didn't have time." After I hurt my knee running and let it heal, I started riding  my awesome pink bike, as my last Debby Downer of a blog (4 months ago) told you. Well I fell in to the same routine of life that seems to happen after a few weeks of "Diet" or "Exercising" goes, and life went on. I felt so bad about my epic fail that was my personal motivational blog I would not even look at all the blogs I love to read so much. So what changed?

My Zumba friend!
I had a sweet friend who needed to stay with me a few months, as her family was moving to Alaska and she needed to tie up some loose ends here in Olympia. She told me that she was going to lose a bunch of weight. She would be away from her husband for this time and wanted to knock him off of his feet when she saw him again. She is an in shape woman, and a runner lucky for me she decided to get her Zumba instructor certification. We would wake up early in the mornings around 5:30-6 am and would go on a long walks around the lake. The city was dark and quiet it never seemed like a "workout" at all. I did it just because I got out of the house, got coffee and to relax. I know your thinking WHAT THE HELL AMANDA?! 5:30!?!  Really my Mother told me this a few years back and its so true (GASP!! MY MOTHER WAS RIGHT?!) "The hardest part of getting up early is physically getting out of bed after that its done and your up." So really the hard part is..what..5 seconds? Anyways.. We did that for a few weeks and played the Zumba Wii game every evening. She also introduced me to the WONDERFUL world of Protein shakes!  I felt great after a few weeks, never thought about loosing any weight it just felt good to have a healthy routine. Then one day I did the UNTHINKABLE...I stepped on the scale. I always assumed it was bigger then I thought but gah! That day it clicked for me. I don't want to loose weight. I want to be healthy. I wan't my whole family to be healthy. Where do I start? Well first I joined Weight Watchers online, I use it as a way to track what I have eaten, it also has THOUSANDS of recipies. Then I got rid of all the crap in the house. Then I did what I never though was possible. I started cooking 6 sometimes 7 nights a week (GASP!!). Mostly cooking with Lean Turkey, Chicken, Seafood, and VEGGIES! We all love them so we may go to the grocery store every day, or every other day but we eat lots of fresh veggies. Anytime we would go out to a restaurant I would look online and find things to eat before going. So I could make the best decision, and not be overwhelmed in to an unhealthy one. Long story short I started logging my food and tracking my weight 8 weeks ago today. I lost 25lbs and am ecstatic! I don't see much of a difference on myself yet, but other people are noticing so that give me hope! I think with my renewed motivation I will try C25K again. Running sounds daunting but summer is coming and the weather can only get better from the weeks of cold wet we have had the past few months! It has helped having friends who are also doing Weight Watchers little things like "Oh man how many points do you have left today?" Or "Wow that walk added enough points for me to have some of that pie tonight!" Helps so much. My next goal is another 25 lbs, then I am conquering the world!
Me 25lbs Less!!