Saturday, September 10, 2011

But my mommy can't bake!

Hello again friends! This is my 3rd official post. That is two more then I thought would EVER happen. Go me! I have had such a busy/awesome week. I had my second (not as eventful as the first) run with Couch 2 5k, My son started kindergarten...::Pause, inhale,try not to tear::, been a baby hat crocheting fool, and watched my usual kid-o's. Where to start. Oh well My run was great! I tried to take Tayler with me. He is 5 and seriously has a never ending supply of energy but we go to run and he is hot/tired/shoes hurt/has to pee/hungry. We, with much coaxing, went up the road a mile to his NEW school and he played on the play ground (With none of the the previously stated problems mind you) and I ran around the block a few times. Thursday was his very first day of Kindergarten, I think me and daddy had more of an issue then he did. He loved it, I was having flash back all night of my first day, why I remember it so well I have no clue(PTSD??). My mom dropped me off in Mrs. Seale's class and I was hysterical, I ended up on her lap with one of my now life long friends. (Shout out: Hey Ash!) My mom told me today (Shout out: HEY MOM!) that Mrs. Seale said “Its ok Amanda your mom can bake cookies anytime and bring them to class.” To witch my hysterics became worse “But my mommy doesn’t bake!!” If you were wondering I bake..a lot. I did not inherit the if-I-take-it-out-of-a-box-and-cook-it-its-homemade-gene from my mother. I take after my talented grandmother. I will never be as crafty or as wonderful a baker as her, but I love to try! Back to my story Tay had no problem with me leaving him in the care of strangers, in a huge 3 story school. So daddy and I hugged him in his new school clothes and got a smile and a roll of the eyes. I may or may not have been back to pick him up QUITE early, don't worry I didn’t go to his room till it was time to be picked up!

 Now if you don't know..I LOVE me some babies. My husband and I were told we couldn’t have kids, but 2 years after we were married..SUPRISE! You know how people say everything happens for a reason? Well I believe that we “Cant have kids..just kid” for a reason. I would have 15 if I could. That is for a different day, different blog. Needless to say I can't get enough of my friends kids. I have 3 of my very closest friends expecting right now..they are spaced out perfectly. By perfectly I mean for craft making purposes. I have whipped out 3 cute hats in one day, and started 2 baby quilts. This is a hard task seeing as none of them know the sex of the babies..well one COULD but she wants it to be a surprise..psh..she wouldn’t even let the DR tell ME..can you believe that girl. I NEED TO KNOW!!! I guess November is not to to far from now. 


  1. That is the cutest little hat! Did you design the pattern? Or can you link us up to the pattern? Did you use dk weight yarn, or is it baby yarn?

    And good for you for overcoming the obstacles your little guy put in place when you wanted to run around the block.

  2. Thanks Charade! I put a link under the picture above. I love it, and think it would look great in new born pictures! I used Lion Brand baby yarn, it is durable but soft. Thanks for reading!

  3. I have a friend who's grand bay was wearing something like this for photos. Sooo cute! I see Charade visited. Hope more link to you thru my blog. :) Your blog is wonderful Amanda!