Monday, September 5, 2011

Fat girl meets Mt Rose.

I am not a Blogger or a writer. My spelling and grammatical errors could kill an English major on site. I do love to read blogs though, and love to get inspired by them. So here is my hand at letting someone in to my world. A bit about myself, I love kids..LOVE them..if you have a baby and know me I have probably at one point or another stolen your child from you. I like to craft. Sew, Crochet, Knit, you name it. Time is my only enemy. I never have enough to do big crafty things. I hate failing so sometimes I talk myself out of starting something so I won't have to deal with the pressure of my immanent failure. I was born and raised in south Texas, I am as proud as the next Texan. (I have the tattoo to prove it) but we moved up to Washington state 3 years ago and have been IN LOVE with it from day one. I love being outside here, in Texas..not so much. It was hot and humid. I have to be outside AT LEAST 10 min a day every day. I love the weather up here..LOVE it!

 I recently went on a "hike" with my husband and son, it was only a 6 mile hike. I think pshh..6 miles I walk that around downtown Olympia everyother day with the kids. Well this 6 miles is..well..up. We had a HARD time (by we I mean ME), it was 80 degrees out and being a native Texan 80 is winter weather. Let me be the first to tell you, if you want to "Hike" in 80 degrees DON'T! It.Was.Hot. 60-70 would be great. You may be wondering why I say "hike" in quotations...well our "hike" was a "Climb" we climbed, all be it a small mountain, but we climbed Mt Rose, the first summit I have ever walked to. It was great getting to the top, feeling accomplished, the ONLY thing that kept me going was my fear of failing. I wanted to quit halfway up. I was hot, running low on water, my shoes were to tight, and I though I was going to see a mountain lion. But I knew I would not sleep for a week if I put my tail between my legs and crawled down. So I went on up that stupid mountain, cussing in my head the entire way, but all in all I CLIMBED A FREAKING MOUNTAIN! Woot! All that being husband had NO problem with our "hike" he even put my 48 lb 5 year old on his shoulders WITH his frame bag and hiking/camping supplies. Needless to say we got back to our camping site I told him..I love you, but find someone else to climb mountains with..that sucked.

 Today I got a bee in my bonnet and decided I want to go for a run, I know how I run...I don't. I started looking in to ways to start a running regimen. I found Couch to 5k..Sounds like me! I spend most of my days on the floor with kids, or walking around downtown between bakery's, coffee shops, and local kitch stores. So I read some reviews, sounds hard but doable. In my attempt to recreate my Mt Rose-push-though-so-you-don't-fail event I will hopefully publicly try the Couch to 5K program, and in a few months be..well for lack of a better word a runner. We shall see...we.shall.see...

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