Tuesday, September 13, 2011

It doesn’t have to be pretty is just has to be done..RUN RUN!

Why Hello friend! I am going to be blunt about my first day of week two with the Couch to 5K program. It sucked, I got a side stitch for the first time, (Is that what you call it when your side hurts?) it was one of the hottest days of the year, AND I had a SUPER long/fun day. It was not impossible. It was doable and I always feel better about myself when I push though, so I am glad I did. I did have a few obstacles in my way this run but I managed to get around them all, I was up early (5am) so some kid-o's could be dropped off, then I was out the door early for a day of antiquing. It was quite a successful trip if I say so myself. I found the cutest owl lamp, I love owls..and Peacocks...and penguins..I think I love birds? Great price, Great shape, Great find! I also bought a red metal bread box, some Star Wars action figures still in the boxes for Christmas, some beautiful red whine glasses, and a few books. Then the whole family went to dinner with my in-laws. We had a few glasses of whine, some yummy carbs, and great conversation, and got home at 9pm. I wanted to go to bed but I KNEW if I skipped a run you would catch me. So I put the boy to bed and put on my new awesome pink running shoes, and went for a night run. So everyone in the world knows you have to break shoes in before you wear them. Right? Why do I never ever ever remember to do this? My poor feet are cover in scars from forgetting such things. Well 2 miles later when I got home, I threw my bloody socks away and FELT GREAT! Nothing two smiling Shrek band-aid's can't fix!
To all my friends who are also trying to get back/start running I have gotten your letter, comments, and texts. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK! If this fat girl can run for a week, y’all can do ANYTHING! Just remember when your running..Amanda did this, and that girl runs like a Moose (or something that is not an elegant runner) so I know I can. I talk to myself when I am running you know make lists of things that need to be done, encourage myself to keep going, and yesterday I kept saying “It doesn’t have to be pretty is just has to be done.”  It was not pretty, but it was DONE! Big WOOT to me!


  1. ouch, but way to power through! You are my inspiration... now I just need to get up and do it!

    By the way I love that you had a few glasses of "whine"!

  2. One step at a time! Good for you Amanda! WhooHoo! :)