Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Stop light meetings and transgender directions!

I know, I know I'm back so soon..well don't get use to it! I just wanted to let y'all know (yes Y'ALL remember I am from Texas) about my eventful first run.

 My first run was not as horrible as I though it would be! I mean I jiggled in places I didn't want to jiggle, but it was 75 degrees, I was in mostly shade, I had Johnny Cash, Black Eyed Peas and Beyonce on my iPod and I just went. After the first 10 minutes I laughed to myself at what people would think if they heard the strange mix of music I had flowing in to my ears. There are many reasons I love Olympia, today one of them was pointed out to me on my short 30 walk/run. I did that thing that I think people are dumb for doing...I was waiting for the little man to light up on the crosswalk so I could cross traffic and I was ::GASP:: jogging in place. Really I always thought “Why in the hell is she running in place?! She is at a light..TAKE A BREAK LADY!” Me being on a stepped program to build up my running endurance had to run the full amount of time for my first workout. (I refuse to cheat..YET) While I am waiting for my turn to cross the road a biker told me to “keep up the great work” Thanks guy with wheels!! A nice transgender lady in her car waiting for the same light to turn said “Hey Hun if you go up a block and go left there is a great flat area to run on such a beautiful day” I thanked her wile I ran off in the direction she specified (she was right, no more hills!) I feel like everyone is getting out and moving in this town. I LOVE IT! I got home after my run and my thoughtful husband and just finished some great looking burgers...he has the metabolism of an Olympic swimmer and never thinks about such things..I simply said “Thanks babe” and had a grilled chicken breast. (I don't think he noticed)

Speaking of the thoughtful and kind people...My son's bike was stolen last week from our house. I know this is kinda of a normal occurrence in a kids life. I had my bike stolen when I was in kindergarten and Sean (my husband) said he was about the same age. I was quite upset at this though. He had all his DS games stolen when we were in Texas a few weeks back, so he now thinks everyone that he doesn't know is a “bad guy.” I told him there are no bad people just people who make bad choices . All he wants to know is why they make bad choices with HIS things. In the end it is JUST STUFF, but I am not ready for him to know how mean and cruel people can be. He starts Kindergarten in 3 days and he will find out soon enough. So I wrote a letter and posted it on craigslist.com it was titled Dear person who stole my son's bike. Needless to say I had a very nice family offer us a bike for Tayler. NOT only that but a friend of our gave Tayler their son's old bike. So when Tayler got the bike I made sure he knew that not everyone is “bad” People make good choices sometime too. I told him when he outgrows this bike we will be giving it to a little boy or girl who had theirs taken too. He smiled and told me I had a smart brain..I think that’s a good thing from my 5 year old?


  1. Amanda, I love reading your posts. I will put a link up on my blog, first in a post and then I will leave it on my sidebar.

  2. Ha! I was laughing by the end of your post. I am popping by from Yvonne's blog to say hello and welcome. It's nice that you got some encouraging words along your run today. 6 years ago, I decided I wanted to be fit and forty; I was 39 and just kept gaining weight with each passing year. I started working out with two friends, totally changed my eating habits and within 6 months had lost 30 lbs. I went from a size 12 to a 6 and have kept the weight off. I feel so much better. Definitely need to tone up now but the weather here is soooooooooooo hot that we cant' get out to do much until it cools off and walking is my favorite form of exercise (no running for me). Good luck with your training! I think your son learned a great lesson about good and bad. Best wishes to you and yours, Tammy