Friday, September 23, 2011

Pink up the good work!

My sad sad knees.
Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome...I.Hate.You. At least I know I am not doing anything wrong and i'm not "TO FAT TO RUN" as I have been telling myself for the past few days. It is also called Runners Knee. I have done some research and found out that Couch 2 5k people have been having the same issue around the same week.(week 2-3) So I have to take some time off, ice my lower knee every few hours, and take some ibuprofen. This was quite a blow to me. I have so much forward momentum in my running. I look forward to it, and don't want to quit.(yet.)
My pink bike Lulu
 My husband is also proud of the runs I have been completing so last week I showed y'all the super awesome pink running shoes he bought me, well this week after I finished week 2.. He bought me a PINK BIKE! I love it. Its my "Pink up the good work" gift. So in my time off running I can ride my bike, I am hoping I only need a week off, and the bike riding doesn't hurt my knee at all, so a little silver lining. All the positive feedback and cheering is really helping me with my running so thank you ALL I appreciate everyone of you!
Fall leaves/Fall love
   Up here in the Pacific Northwest it is that time of year, the salmon are making there long journey up the river to spawn, the leaves are turning there beautiful colors, and the mornings are getting brisk. I went out to Tumwater falls Park about a mile from my house to see the Salmon, it was amazing! Tumwater Falls Park has beautfull waterfalls year round, its small so I can take the kids and not be afraid they will run off, and this time of year the AMAZING salmon run! They were jumping UP huge waterfalls. I am not to proud to say that one one jumped a foot in front of my face, up to eye level..I screamed like a little girl. My son said "its just a fish mom.." Yeah just a fish that can jump over 5 feet high and swim up a river I get queasy just thinking about swimming in..I think this but I tell my son..ahh your right just a fish.
Salmon at Tumwater Falls Park (Can't take credit for the photo)


  1. Sorry to hear about your knees. I had orthoscopic surgery on my left knee when I was in 8th grade and it has never been the same. I have to be very careful how I twist and turn. Running is not for everyone. I can do short sprints when I am walking, just to get in that interval training, but could never actually run for a long period of time. You must just stick with walking for a while rather than heading straight into a jogging routine. Biking should help too. Hope your weekend is great. :) Tammy P.S. I too would squeal if a fish jumped right up in front of me :/

  2. Hope you are doing better today Amanda. Knee fun.
    That is so cool about the salmon. Gene would love to see that and to go fishing up there too. It's getting cooler here, down to 61 at night, and in the morning when I walk with my friend Karen. Autumn feels so good.
    Take care of those knees, they have to last you a long time. :)

  3. Keep going...I have arthritis in my knees and runners knees on top of 2000 I slowly ran a full marathon after a long hard year of training filled with a car accident that fractured my shoulder and mashed my knees just when I was up to 10 I ran 10 mins. walked 1 through the whole 26.2 miles. In 2008 I did my last real run a 1/2 marathon and have been on and off since then...this August I promised myself that I could get back to running...although 20 lbs heavier than at my best in 2003-2006...I am back up to 3 miles for my longer run and 2 for the other 3 those knees girl and keep going!!!! There are very specific exercises for knees if you'd like I can copy and send!
    cheers, dana